Nipah Virus: Symptoms, Prevention & Cure, What is Nipah Virus?

As many people died due to a different kind of Brain Fever in Kerala. Doctors are saying these death are because of Nipah Virus.

There is no vaccine or medical treatment available for this kind of dangerous virus called Nipah Virus. This is very big problem for mankind that there is no availability of vaccine or medical treatment for it.
First time in 1998 it was seen in a village of Malaysia so that on the name of village virus name is kept Nipah Virus.
Due to this Nipah virus a man was died there, after that it was seen in Bangladesh in 2004 and now many people in Kerala died due to the Nipah virus for which there is no vaccination or cure.

As Nipah virus has the major impact in the northern districts of Kerala like Mallapuram and Kozhikode, so suggesting the people, kindly avoid to travelling in these places.

Nipah virus came from Pigs to Fruit Bats and in others animals after that humans.
Nipah virus spreads very fast to humans after coming in contact with infected pigs or bats or even humans. This is Zoonotic disease due to this fever, brain disease, headaches, fever, body-ache, vomiting, diarrhoea, laziness cough, problems in breathing, and others problem seen. these are main symptoms of it.

Nipah is on the WHO’s priority list of emerging diseases that are causing a global pandemic, Ebola and alongside Zika.



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