YouTube’s Headquarters Shooting: Female Suspected Shooter

A woman who is suspected shooter found dead and wounded three people at YouTube’s headquarters in California before shooting herself.

At least 3-4 people have been admitted in hospital after being shot, according to local news.


Everyone was afraid after this tragedy, Police is investigating that this is an act of terrorism or not.

Police is given warning to everyone to close the YouTube headquarters and stay away from the address, as investigating is still ongoing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to all Googlers around the world and expressing disappointment over the whole Tragedy. In the email statement, Pichai wrote that there is words to describe the tragedy.

Pichai’s email to Employee:


In the email Mr. Sundar Pichai has tried to explain the situation of the employees at the time of violence and how they were evacuated from the building for the sake of safety. He also clear to provide support to their families who got injured during this misshapen.

The YouTube campus is having almost thousands of employees at any time. It is not clear that shooter was an employee or just a visitor. what was the motive behind this horrific act of violence or there were any relationship between the shooter and victims.


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